Vastu Remedies

If which room should be constructed in which direction is not kept in mind while planning a house, the whole building may go against the principles Vastu Shastra and it will create lot of troubles causing irreparable harms and loss to the owner / inmates.

The other things which must be kept in mind are:

Doors of each room should be facing East.
Bedrooms should be in South and West.
Placement of mirrors on South and West wall are inauspicious.
While sleeping head should be in South or West but never in North.
Pooja room should be in North East. All idols and photographs
     should be facing East or West.
Toilet seat should be in North-South only. It should not be in East-West.
Out houses should not touch the compound wall of North and East side.
Stairs should always be in clock-wise direction.
Anything underground should be in North or East.
Anything above ground should be in South or West.
Porch should not touch the North or East compound wall.
Big trees should not be grown in North or East. They should be in
     South or West side of the house.
Face East or North while reading or transacting any business deal.
Face East while cooking, West is allowed if there is no alternative,
     but never face South while cooking.
The doors should be rectangular and square doors should always be avoided.
Ventilation should be looked after and good cross ventilation should be present.
Never put the poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl, eagle etc. They are inauspicious.
Doors should open inside the room and not outside.